local love | lianne charlene creative

local love | lianne charlene creative

i feel absolutely honoured and inspired after meeting with the beautiful and talented lianne of lianne charlene creative. not only was i privy to learn a lot about the life of a graphic designer but met a wonderful person too.

a little background on who lianne is: she is a freelance graphic designer and art director specializing in brand building, print and digital design, campaign development and infographics. so what does this all mean? i didn't really know until we got that chance to chat, so here it is.

i know form your website that you worked with small and large corporations, design agencies and publishers prior to freelancing in 2009. why did you make the move to go out on your own?

personal reasons. i wanted to work from home, and be my own boss. being able to work from home was important to me because i knew i wanted to have a family. 

what is a typical day like for you? and how do you make it productive?

hmm, lets see. i wake up, drink a smoothy that my wonderful fiancé makes me, have breakfast and coffee and browse through social media for inspiration and then do my own social media. i have my daily to dos and weekly to dos (that are scheduled on sunday or monday) i make it productive with organization systems, a wall of stickies, where i can see my current projects and projects in the pipeline.

you wear a lot of hats as a graphic designer, what would you say is your favourite specialization and why?

i love small business branding. i love being a part of something that is growing. it's kind of like a little family; i usually end up making friends with my clients, and everyone supports and collaborates. 

are there any trends right now that really excite you?

webdesign; trends with infographics. it's fun and challenging. 

can you tell our readers one strategy that has helped you grow your business and how? 

being open to meeting new people, even if that means meeting them online. i used to only network with people i new but was finding it limiting. i decided to put myself out there; in social media and live networking.

there is a strong sense of community when it comes to edmonton creatives. how do you take advantage of that? 

networking, you get what you put our there. being confident in who you are.

what is something you consistently do as an entrepreneur that you would recommend others do?

specifically speaking to graphic designers, to have both a design and business sense. there are so many facets when it comes to running your own business and i make sure that i always look to an expert, or someone you specializes in something i need. 

how do you bring your graphic designs to life?

gather inspiration from other designs and blogs, stay current with  current trends whether it be design, fashion or decor. for new projects i create inspiration boards to speak about my clients brand, and really listen to what their wants and needs are too. i want their brand to represent them trufully. 

what is still your biggest challenge?

i'm still working on putting myself out there and having confidence in who i am and what i do. i used to describe myself as a freelance, but really, i am a business owner. i'm naturally introverted so this is a feat for me?

what is your best advice for handling criticism?