valentines: gift guide for him

valentines: gift guide for him

is it february already? this year seems to be flying by already!

so i have to admit, out of all of the special days i have to celebrate with my husband, valentines day is not my favourite, but, it is always nice to have an excuse to give some fun gifts to him and have a date night. in our house, there is never any pressure for gifts and dates, so if we do buy gifts, we try to purchase things that we would buy ourselves and that are useful; so keep that in mind when you're out looking for things for your loved one. with that said, i rounded up a few of my favourites for a gift guide! these really represent my hubby, and i am sure most men ;) 

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1 . watch | 2. backpack | 3. sunglasses | 4. joggers | 5. beard oil
6. hat | 7. earphones | 8. body wash | 9. candle

1 \ have you ever visited the 5th? they have such beautiful watches at a very reasonable price. they are different in that their online shopping is only open 5 days out of the month, all you have to do is sign up to be a member and you'll have access every month. neat hey?

2 \ i have featured this bag before when looking for diaper bags, SO, can you see it's dual function now? ;) your man can you use it to hold his own things and your little baby's things (if you have one) and they're just so stylish. win-win.

3 \ classic ray bans. my hubby actually just bought these for himself, so i won't be gifting them to him, but nothing better than a classic pair of sunglasses. they'll last and protect your eyes. a great investment! 

4 \ i love these joggers. bradley and i both work from home so it's nice to throw on something comfy and stylish when we aren't leaving the house, and if you do have to leave the house, you look fashionable. you can't beat the price on these either.

5 \ dual purpose, softer facial hair for when i kiss my man, and it keeps the beard looking moisturized and clean looking. i secretly was attracted to this item for the packaging, it can sit on the counter in the bathroom and not be an eyesore. yay!

6 \ every man loves a hat for those casual days. this one is so reasonably priced from h&m, and is on point with the trends. it's a snap back; so it is adjustable for every size. 

7 \ these days, a great pair of earphones is key when we are always commuting by foot, air, and car. these offer great sound and quality. bradley does a lot of commuting by foot and loves his audio books, so earphones that will last are essential.

8 \ if he smells, this is a must! just kidding. this is a nice organic body wash with mixed aphrodisiac sandalwood and ginger/cedar essential oils. smells yummy and is good for your body. oh, and i love this packaging too. 

9 \ come on baby light my fire. and this candle. i love these new candles at indigo. my husband and i love candles. so this is kind of for me too, oops! 

and that's it for this post friends! do you have any ideas to add for the perfect gift for your man? xo

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watch / backpack / sunglasses / joggers beard oil /
hat / earphones / body wash / candle

valentines: gift guide for her

valentines: gift guide for her

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