valentines: gift guide for her

valentines: gift guide for her

yesterday a gift guide for him, today a gift guide for her! basically, i rounded up a few items on my wish list that i thought a lot of other women out there would enjoy as well! (and made it pretty easy for my husband to read my mind)

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1. agenda | 2. book | 3. watch | 4. blanket | 5. print |
6. candle | 7. shampoo + conditioner | 8. socks

1 \ i (of course) love the minimalist look to this agenda. when it comes to planning out my days, i am more of a writer, so this is a definite must. so if your lady is like me, this would be a great buy. and it's still early enough in the year that she just may not have picked one up yet.

2 \ this book has been on my wish list for a while! youtube star estee lalonde writes about not only living the perfect lifestyle, but about giving you the confidence to live the lifestyle that is perfect for you. i think this is a feel good for any lady looking to be inspired. 

3 \ i featured a watch from the 5th on my last post for him, and this one is for her! this one is slightly smaller, but the same overall look (all black!) check out their unique site to order one for your main squeeze this valentines. 

4 \ i love this herringbone-patterned blanket, and so will she. the dusty pink colour is just the right amount of feminine and will keep her warm on those evenings curled up on the couch.

5 \ i love this print from the local justine ma. let your lady know how you feel everyday when she has this up on the wall. she'll appreciate the thought and simplicity of this gift. 

6 \ i always love having candles in the home. they add nice decor and scent. and speaking for myself, i can never have enough. i have this scent right now and it's so soft and inviting, they also burn for what seems like forever! 

7 \ i switch up my shampoo every few months between kevin murphy and davines. maybe it's in my head, but i find the switch gives life back to my hair. anyhow, i love this product, it really leaves your hair feeling clean and smooth, not to mention you'll want to sniff her hair all day when she uses this. locally, you can purchase this at weekly trim true

8 \ i just gave these reading socks to my mama for her birthday and i secretly wanted a pair myself. i always have cold feet, and sometimes slippers are too bulky when you have your feet up on the couch, so these would be perfect for the evenings. 

and that is all for this post! hopefully i gave you some ideas for your lady this valentines! do you think the ladies would enjoy these? xo

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agenda / book / watch / blanket / print /
candle / shampoo + conditioner / socks

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valentines: gift guide for him

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