5 ways to add texture to your minimalist design

5 ways to add texture to your minimalist design

if you've been following me thus far, you know how much i love a minimalist/scandinavian design. with that being said, some of these designs i find a little cold and uninspiring for my taste; luckily by adding a little texture in aspects of your design you can create a warm and inviting room without compromising the minimalist style.

while perusing through blogs for inspiration, i came across a beautiful bedroom makeover on almost makes perfect. it's a perfect mixture of the aforementioned. the design is beautifully balanced and showcases all of the texture you can add to a space to cozy it up.

1 \ blankets

as you can clearly see, there is A LOT of texture in this room; i feel so cozy already. the blanket on this bed is hand woven and features a beautiful minimal design (that also adds depth and texture). it's a nice focal point when you look at the room. so in love. if you want, you could always go for a more simple quilt and do a coloured/patterned throw blanket (which is easy to change with the trends and seasons).

2 \ throw pillows

throw pillows are such an simple way to add texture or simply just change up your design every now and then. as for pillows, mudcloth seem to be all the rage this year; they're popping up everywhere in home design. what makes this pillow so attractive is the texture in the fabric and in the design. it compliments this blanket so well, it's almost like they were made for each other. maybe this doesn't suit your taste? you can always ad a velvet pillow with a punch of colour to achieve the same feeling to your design.

3 \ area rugs

this rug has me feeling cozy just looking at it. the braided design adds so much texture to the room and also something nice to walk on rather than the hardwood floors. if you're looking for a little more colour and design, a kilim rug is a great option too! these are also showing their popularity this year.  

4 \ variations of wood

wood will always be classic and add warmth to a home. in my opinion, there seems to be no wrong way to incorporate it either. mixing up different woods and colours only adds character. these mid-century designed nightstands really pull in the whole design, and paired with the oak wood floors and wood framed mirror, you can see how they all just 'go' together. 

5 \ greenery

greenery is a great way to add colour for the colour shy folks (like me!) if you don't have a green thumb, that's okay, just head to your local greenhouse and have them show you low maintenance plants. anyway, greens not only add colour, but life to your room as well. they always make me feel so cheery. so how about that? a mood booster too! 

i hope these tips help you in your next design! they are simple guidelines that can be altered to any taste. do you have any tips to share with dale + peonies and our readers?

*these images taken by teri lyn fisher are all used with permission from almost makes perfect. head on over to their blog post to see the beautiful before and afters of this bedroom design and more! 

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