modern neutral baby must haves

modern neutral baby must haves

as we get closer to our due date, i have found myself perusing the web and stores for all things baby! as i am sure you can tell by now, i love me some neutrals! i'm so glad to see designs veering away from the loud colours; i know they have their purpose for little ones, but when it comes to staples that we will be using every day, i'd rather blend in then stand out. with that said, i've compiled a board of some of my favourite finds so far!

item detail

1. babybjorne cradle - i haven't fully committed to this purchase. we are going back and forth on whether to have this in our shared room or a crib. if we do decide to purchase a cradle though, it will be this one! this can be purchased in various places, my link is to Chapters Indigo.

2. nuna mixx stroller - for the stroller, i wanted something neutral, and easy to maneuver. i went to West Coast Kids when browsing around and really fell in love with this design. it had all the features i was looking for and at a decent price point. can't wait to use it with the little bean!

3. sophie la girafe - i mostly love this teething toy for it's vintage look. apparently, sophie has been around since 1961; i have a feeling it's a good one. these also can be purchased in many places, but again, my link is to Chapters Indigo.

4. bashful bunny - every baby needs a soft cuddly stuffed animal. this one is adorable and reasonably priced, and fits in with my neutral theme. Looks like Chapters Indigo is my go to for this post.

5. phil & teds traveller - this is definitely a must for us. it'll be nice when we go to family and friends to have a place for the bean to lay down!  i found this one at West Coast Kids.

6. nuna pipa car seat - this car seat goes with the nuna mixx stroller. it has an effortless install into the vehicle and stroller and the colours are easy on the eyes.

7. lulujo bamboo muslin swaddle blanket -  i love how soft these muslin blankets are. they work also as a nursing cover, cover for the car seat and of course for baby to cuddle in to. these muslin blankets are sold pretty much everywhere. i have found the best price is at Babies R Us.

8. LEVO baby rocker - i absolutely fell in love with the design of this rocker! the natural wood and grey cushion compliment each other perfectly. its natural rocking follows softly with the movements of the baby. i found this rocker through many hours of searching on the internet; it can be purchased from Charlie Crane.

9. stokke trip trap chair - this highchair is designed to grow with your little one. there are separate attachments that you can purchase for every stage of growth up until early teen years where it works as a simple chair. this price seems steep at first glance but when you see the use you get out of it, it's worth every penny. this is also from West Coast Kids.

10. simple white onsies - okay, so maybe a lot of moms out there may think i'm crazy to put my little one in white, but i'm up for the challenge. i love basic, neutral clothing, and for as long as i can fight it, i will dress the bean as so. plus, they are good for both genders! these are very inexpensive from H&M.

well friends, that wraps up this post! thanks again for looking, xo.

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